Call for proposals

The call for hacking projects is open from 2nd March and will close on 30th April 2020.

Information required

  • Title and description of the project (500 max word limit)
  • Include how the project aligns to the ELIXIR goals around platforms and communities
  • The contact details of the person leading the hacking project who will further be the main correspondent, we will only contact this main correspondent
  • Expected outcomes from BioHackathon and beyond
  • Expected Audience: type of participant needed to help with the project
  • Number of days for the hack. Note, it is expected that all participants stay for the 4 days even though some projects may not require the full 4 days for completion
  • Nominated Participant:Please name who you would like to be funded to attend for your project, this could be an expert in the field or one of the task leads. Max of 2 people should be named

Selection criteria

The programme organising committee will select the project based on the following criteria

  • Alignment with ELIXIR goals around platforms and communities
  • Application to broader life science communities
  • Achievability of the timeline of delivery
  • Ambition - is your proposal a cutting edge project applicable to general bioinformatics?